Monday, September 7, 2009

Rob Schremp... Belgium on Skates

I will begin as the greatest of hockey bloggers likes to begin...

"This is Rob Schremp."

Like Belgium, he exists. And also like Belgium, he seems to be talked about most when people are debating whether he is worthy of being talked about. It's all very meta.

So perhaps the best way to introduce this whole topic (to the six or seven people who are likely to actually read it, and the one or two are are likely still reading it, is to do a line by line Schremp/Belgium comparison, and see who comes out on top.

(Sorry for the formatting, I don't use Blogger a lot and have real work to do)

Belgium Rob Schremp

Makes chocolate Does not make chocolate

In the European Union, On the Springfield Falcons,
a powerful trading alliance marginal trade bait

Full of Belgians Full of himself

Not famous for hockey Famous for circus hockey

YouTube hits: 156,000 YouTube hits: 82

Most views on top Most views on top
YouTube video: 175,835 YouTube video: 271,439

Public opinion: Public opinion:
indifference passionate indifference


  1. sweet jebus you made it happen. Truly a beautiful thing...don't forget Belgium's famous beer traditions as well, unfiltered for added enjoyment...much like Schremp's unfiltered interviews...

  2. I demand an invitation to this blog.

  3. It's pretty, but I'm seeing dots. Is anyone else seeing dots?

  4. I thought the dots were chocolate, but after licking my screen for a while, I decided that they were more dust-tasting...

  5. Where's the Waloons and what would they taste like/

  6. I think there should be a Homburg hat like the one Chance the gardner wore as he wandered through the streets of Washington. This also serves as a reminder of what might happen to Robbie when the Edmonton suits cast him out.

  7. Hehe. I woulda thought Schremp kicked butt on Belgium in YouTube hits, though.

  8. Add another one:
    Belgium: has great beer
    Schremp: used to have a beer gut (08-09)

  9. To quote Popeye Doyle from the Mad version of the French Connection:

    "Why don't you go back to Flemland where you came from?"

  10. I would presupose that the details of Schremp's life are quite inconsequential.

    He is a relentless self appreciating megalomaniac from Bruge with low grade narcolepsy in the defensive zone and a penchant for buggering the dog.

  11. George B: That's crazy. If he were all those things he'd be an NHL owner.

    Or Bud Selig.

  12. Boots (or, in the original Walloon, Booutz) would seem to be living proof of your thesis LT although his romantic liasons now likely involve some named Bubba rather than Spot.

  13. What now that Schremp's been waived?

  14. I think it's ideal that Rob Schremp was picked up by the Islanders. I'm fairly indifferent to the Islanders.

    Being as I'm an Oilers fan, I believe we need a new divisive prospect, I nominate Omark.

  15. Omark is definitely the next Hockey Jesus.